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Arroz Chaufa/ Wok  Fried rice, a traditional Peruvian -  Cantonese  fusion cuisine

 Chicken 15.95   Beef 16.95  Chicken/Beef 16.95  Shrimp 18.95  Seafood 20.95 3 Meat 19.95

Pescado a lo Macho/ Fish served w a lightly spicy Aji Panca cream topped w seafood & rice 20.95

Picante de Mariscos/Fish Fillet w spicy Aji Amarillo chilli cream topped w Seafood served w rice 19.95

Pasta a lo Macho / Seafood with lightly spicy Aji Panca cream served with fresh linguini 18.95   

Pasta Picante de Mariscos /Seafood with lightly spicy aji Amarillo cream served with fresh linguini 18.95

Jalea Mixta / Crispy Fried Seafood marinated with fine herbs served with fried Yucca 19.99

Lomo Saltado  /Wok stir fry filet mignon sautéed w tomatoes, onions,  soy sauce w/ rice & FF  16.95

Pollo Pescado, Mariscos o Camarones Saltados / Wok stir fry sautéed with tomatoes, onions soy sauce, cilantro

served w rice & FF. Chicken 14.95   Fish 14.95    Seafood 16.95  Shrimp 17.95


Tallarin Saltado / Wok Sautéed noodles w Soy Sauce tomatoes, onions. Peruvian Cantonese style

                                 Chicken 13.95    Beef  14.95     Seafood 16.95     Shrimp 17.95



Parihuela /  Peruvian Bouillabaisse, seafood soup concentrate in Aji Panca reduction 19.95

Parihuela a la Cream / Peruvian Bouillabaise seafood concentrate in Aji Panca a la cream 19.95

Parihuela a la Diabla / Spicy Peruvian Bouillabaisse seafood concentrate in a Panca reduction 19.95

Chupe de Camarones Lightly spice Shrimp Bouillabaisse, Shrimp Soup in aji amarillo reduction $19.95

Aji de Gallina Shredded chicken w lightly spice aji amarillo cream, boiled potato & rice 14.95

Bistec, Pollo or Milanesa a Lo Pobre /Grilled Flap Steak or chicken w rice, plantains, fries & eggs 15.95

Tallarin Verde / Spaghetti with pesto, Grilled Flap Steak, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fish, grilled Pork Chop or Milanesa

(breaded beef or chicken) Served with Huancaina sauce  15.99

Pollo a la Plancha /Grilled chicken + 1 side 12.95      

Chuleta a la parrilla  / Grilled Pork Chop + 1 side 12.95  

Pescado a la Plancha / Grilled Fish + 1 side 16.95                    

Seco de Carne con Frijoles / Cilantro Beef Stew, served with rice and white beans 18.95


Tacu Tacu/ Lightly crisped fried rice and Beans served with Lomo Saltado, Seafood a lo Macho, or Picante de Mariscos 20.99


Vegeterian choices fr om our Kitchen     


Quinoa Salad / Quinoa, Cramberries, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, pepoers, olive oil and vinager 10.95


Arroz Chaufa Vegetariano / Wok fried rice with vegetables and soy sauce oriental style 11.95


Lomo Saltado Vegetariano /Wok stir soy meat sautéed tomatoes, onions served w rice & FF 10.95


Tallarin Saltado / Wok Sauteed noodles with soy meat, tomatoes, onions and soy sauce 9.95


Noquis de Papa / Potatoes Gnocchi 9.95                 Ravioles de Espinaca / Spinach raviolis 14.95


Ravioles de Queso / Cheese Raviolis 9.95                           Spaguetti with tomato sauce 7.95  

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